About Us

At the heart of Untainted Beauté is an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with luxury beauty and wellness services with a conscience. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s not always easy to take care of yourself while also caring for the planet. We make it easier. By booking your at-home service with us, you can rest assured that you will receive professional premium services using only trusted products that won’t harm you, the planet or any of its living beings.

Our Promise to You

All beauticians, therapists and artists that we work with share a passion for ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable beauty. Working with some of the biggest names in fashion and film, they are all leading professionals in their field and will provide the utmost level of service and discretion. 

We guarantee that all products used in our services and treatments are cruelty-free, natural or organic, sustainably produced and free from any known or suspected toxins.

Ethical & Effective

There is a common misconception that natural beauty products are not as effective as those packed with synthetic chemicals. The products that we use are tried, tested and trusted. They harness the boundless potential of Mother Nature’s bounties and deliver results you can see and feel.

Should our clients love the products used during their treatments, our experts would be delighted to create a ‘beauty prescription’ listing the ethical products recommended for them. We encourage a no-waste approach to beauty and insist that all existing products should be used fully before responsibly transitioning from mainstream brands to untainted alternatives. Our therapists and artists are experts in correctly disposing of empty beauty packaging and would be happy to take these off your hands in order to recycle them correctly.

Naturally Beautiful

We believe in natural beauty. Our ethos is strongly founded in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and the notion of graciously embracing individual beauty and not conforming to a single standard. Our wellness services are non-invasive and focus on improving internal and physical well-being through the use of natural ingredients with therapeutic and nourishing properties.

Our Impact

As an ethical at-home beauty service, we are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and the impact that we have on the planet. A portion of our profits from each booking goes towards carbon offsetting enterprise, Mossy Earth and all of our experts travel by public transport whenever possible. We also enable our clients to offset their beauty treatment’s carbon footprint, everyone who books with us online will be given the option of purchasing a tree to be planted through the female-focused organisation, TreeSisters.

From our own office to the website hosting company that we use (both of which run on renewable energy), we make considerate choices to ensure that we operate as kindly and consciously as we possible can.

Our Founder

Having worked for years in an industry notorious for its environmental impact and suspected hidden toxins, renowned makeup expert and conscious beauty pioneer Khandiz Joni moved from South Africa to London where she started her mission to educate and inspire people about how they can revolutionise their beauty habits to prevent harming themselves and the environment, without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Combining her expert knowledge of conscious beauty, extensive experience in the industry, and strong network of professionals, Khandiz founded Untainted Beauté to empower people to make kind and considered choices when it comes to their beauty and wellness.